Hogrefe Publishing Group

Headquarter of the Hogrefe Publishing Group, Göttingen.

Hogrefe is the leading scientific publisher for psychology, psychiatry, and mental health in Europe and has been publishing in North America since the 1970s. These core areas are supplemented by publications in the fields of nursing, healthcare, and medicine. Originally founded in Göttingen, Germany, the Hogrefe publishing group today includes publishing companies located in 15 countries, in Europe, the USA, and Brazil, and employs around 350 people.

The independent, family-owned group’s print and digital publications include some 2,500 books for professionals, scientists, and students, with 200 new titles being released each year. 42 scientific and professional journals cover all of Hogrefe’s core subject areas. Uniquely, Hogrefe also publishes around 1,600 psychometric tests and innovative digital solutions, as well as offering a range of consultancy and training services for test users.

Hogrefe Publishing’s core publications include the award-winning Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs.

The first company in the Hogrefe publishing group was founded in 1949 by Dr. Carl Jürgen Hogrefe, who published the first issue of the scientific journal “Psychologische Rundschau” (meaning “Psychological Review”) while still an assistant professor at the University of Göttingen, Germany. Then as now, we at Hogrefe remain convinced that only scientifically based knowledge can be the basis for creating relevant publications, instruments and services.