Our Vision

Knowledge brings benefits – provided it is captured, brought into a useful form, and disseminated widely. Only then can it become part of a constructive exchange that, in turn, will lead to new knowledge.


With our competence in partnering the sciences, we add quality and focus to harness scientific knowledge for health, education, business and everyday life. Our experience and partnership with science ensure relevance.


We are personally committed and dedicated both to our science and to people. We work collaboratively with our partners to achieve shared goals. Dedication, commitment and clear values guarantee continuity.


We identify needs and develop relevant and practical publications, tools and services in a creative and collaborative process. We innovate to help advance both science and practice. Innovation and a clear vision guarantee continual progress and a leading edge.

These ideas inspire us at Hogrefe every single day, together with our partners, to further improve established paths, to take new roads and above all to cultivate knowledge so it can reach its full potential.