Earn 5 CE credits for reading volumes of the Advances in Psychotherapy book series

How does it work?

Psychologists and other healthcare providers may earn five continuing education credits for reading each volume from the Advances in Psychotherapy − Evidence-Based Practice book series and taking a multiple choice exam. This continuing education program is a partnership of Hogrefe Publishing and the National Register of Health Service Psychologists.

The National Register of Health Service Psychologists is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The National Register maintains responsibility for this program and its content.



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National Register credentialed psychologists receive a discount on the Advances in Psychotherapy book series. Enter the discount code the National Register has provided at checkout.

APT titles available for CE exam:

  • Abramowitz, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Adults, 978-0-88937-411-9
  • Antony, Social Anxiety Disorder, 978-0-88937-311-2
  • Daly, ADHD in Children and Adolescents, 978-0-88937-412-6
  • Daly, ADHD in Adults, 978-0-88937-413-3
  • Earleywine, Substance Use Problems, 2nd edition, 978-0-88937-416-4
  • Field, Chronic Pain, 978-0-88937-320-4
  • Housley, Treating Victims of Mass Disaster and Terrorism, 978-0-88937-321-1
  • Marker, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, 978-0-88937-335-8
  • McKeon, Suicidal Behavior, 978-0-88937-327-3
  • Meana, Sexual Dysfunction in Women, 978-0-88937-400-3
  • Peterson, Nicotine and Tobacco Dependence, 978-0-88937-324-2
  • Reiser, Bipolar Disorder, 2nd edition, 978-0-88937-410-2
  • Rowland, Sexual Dysfunction in Men, 978-0-88937-402-7
  • Spaulding, The Schizophrenia Spectrum, 978-0-88937-504-8
  • Wekerle, Childhood Maltreatment, 978-0-88937-314-3
  • Werfel, Multiple Sclerosis, 978-0-88937-409-6
  • Winograd, Binge Drinking and Alcohol Misuse Among College Students and Young Adults, 978-0-88937-403-4
  • Witkiewitz, Mindfulness, 978-0-88937-414-0