Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs

Two popular classic references to psychotropic medications

The Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs and the Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs for Children and Adolescents are independent and unbiased practical tools for psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, physicians, and all mental health professionals. They are packed with unique comparison charts that support effective medication decisions. Color-coding and instantly recognizable icons enable quick access to succinct, bulleted information on all classes of medication, their on- and off-label indications, side effects, interactions, pharmacodynamics, precautions in special populations, nursing implications, and much more. Sections on Natural Health Products, Unapproved Treatments, ECT, BLT, and rTMS are included. Patient and caregiver information sheets are provided as printable PDF files.

In addition to the spiral-bound print editions, the CHPD and the CHPD for Children and Adolescents are also available as online versions with added features that allow even quicker access to the wealth of information provided:

  • Auto-completion powered search function
  • Browse features for generic names, trade names, indication, and interacting agents
  • Column-selector enhancement of comparison charts
  • Hundreds of additional references
  • Literature hot links for quick access to further reading

Print editions