“The GO-TO book for building character”
Martin E. P. Seligman, The founder of positive psychology

Ryan M. Niemiec, PsyD

Education Director of the VIA Institute on Character, a nonprofit organization in Cincinnati, Ohio that is viewed as the global leader in advancing the science and practice of character strengths. Ryan is author of several books, including Mindfulness and Character Strengths: A Practical Guide to Flourishing, and coauthor of Positive Psychology at the Movies; and Movies and Mental Illness. Ryan is an award-winning psychologist, certified coach, international workshop leader, IPPA Fellow 2017, and is adjunct professor at Xavier University, University of Pennsylvania, and a visiting lecturer at several other institutions.

Ryan helps professionals in counseling, coaching, business, disability, and education around the world apply character strengths, personally and professionally, in their work. He leads seminal character strengths courses and develops personalized reports for the VIA Institute. He has penned over 60 peer-reviewed/invited articles and hundreds of lay-friendly articles on character strengths, mindfulness, and related topics. He is especially interested in the intersection of character strengths with mindfulness, savoring, resilience, flourishing, intellectual/developmental disability, and health promotion.

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Ryan's TED talk about what’s best in us at youtube, June 2017

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Podcast interview with Tom Heffner, Next Year Now, October 2017

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Podcast interview with Michelle McQuaid, Lead Consultant for the VIA Institute, August 2017

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Interview with the APA Division 17, May 2017

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Ryan awarded IPPA 2017 Fellow

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Ryan will be keynote speaker at the 9th European Conference on Positive Psychology 2018, June 27-30, in Budapest, Hungary

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