Hogrefe OpenMind – How it works

Once your article has been accepted by the journal’s editorial team for publication, it enters the production process. During this process, you will be sent galley proofs to approve the paper for publication and will be asked to sign a Publication Release form. At this point you will be given the option of having the paper published (a) using the traditional, subscription-based model or (b) as part of Hogrefe’s open access program, OpenMind.

Whichever publishing option you choose, your article will be treated the same way by Hogrefe and by the editorial team of the journal in which it is published. All articles will be peer-reviewed in the usual manner. The decision to accept or reject articles is made before you choose which form of publication you want. All accepted papers will be professionally produced and published both in print and in electronic versions of the journal. Every article will be given a DOI and registered with CrossRef.

Publishing and distributing a journal article involves expenses at all stages during the review and publication process – these may start with expenses for the editorial office or online peer-review system and go right through copy-editing, typesetting, data preparation, online reference linking, printing and mailing of print issues, and hosting and archiving of electronic data. In the traditional publishing model, journal subscriptions cover these expenses. With open access publication, you the author or your funding body will be asked to pay a one-time article fee of €2,500 or US $3,000, depending on where you are located (€ for Europe, US $ rest of the world; VAT may be applicable for authors located in the EU). This fee is in the range that international experience has shown to be needed to cover the costs of the open access publication process. You will be asked to provide credit card details when you return the open access form. The article fee will be debited from your card before the article is published. (Official institutional purchase orders may also be accepted under some circumstances – please ask your Hogrefe contact person or production editor.)

This one-time-only article fee means that your article will be freely available online, with open access to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. It also means that you, the author are immediately free to archive or deposit the article permanently in whichever repository you wish. The article will be available electronically via our online journal platform, and any reader will be able to search, download, archive, and distribute it (provided this is for non-commercial purposes). In order to ensure that, no matter what others do with it, the article will continue to be attributed to you, its distribution and use will be covered by what we call the Hogrefe OpenMind License, which is identical to the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial License Version 3.0.

Alternatively, you may choose one of the following Creative Commons licenses: