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Offers for libraries, hospitals, and other institutions

Hogrefe eContent is the online platform for the Hogrefe Publishing Group’s journals. Our psychology collection includes a diverse portfolio of highly-regarded, peer-reviewed journals in English and German, covering a range of subject areas within psychology and psychiatry. In addition, we also have a range of journals covering medicine and nursing.

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Subscription rates

Subscription rates depend on the size and the type of institution. There is no minimum order.

A pricelist as well as the subscription conditions for all journals are provided in our most recent catalogue here…

Libraries / Institutions
For academic institutions and schools, the size is determined on the basis of the number of “full-time equivalents” (FTEs; students, teaching staff, research staff) and for public libraries on the basis of the number of registered users (throughout the institution, not single departments).


Hospitals will be invoiced on the basis of their total number of beds (throughout the institution, not single departments).

Other institutions (counseling services, public authorities, commercial organizations, etc.)

The size is determined on the basis of the number of potential qualified users within the institution, e. g., psychologists, medical or nursing staff, therapists, counselors, social workers, etc. (“Relevant Professionals” or RPs).




Features for your users include:


Services for institutions:

•    IP-controlled access

•    Remote access with Shibboleth

•    Unlimited simultaneous access

•    DOIs at article and journal level

•    Counter5 statistics in the admin area

•    SUSHI

•    KBART inventory file