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Allergy Made Simple

For those who are allergic - and for those who might become so

by Rüdiger Wahl

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• Why do more and more people suffer from allergies?• What are allergies anyway?• What kind of allergies exist, and what can you do if you suffer from them?These are central questions that are answered in this little book in a very straightforward and down-to-earth way. The witty and informative text (which is even accompanied by some interludes in song) is illustrated with poignant cartoons emphasizing the points in the text that are of most importance to patients with allergic disorders and to the physicians who deal with them. The original edition from 1996 was popular with physicians, patients, and everyone who wants to gather information in a highly accessible form on the practical aspects of allergy and related disorders. The current edition has been revised in light of the latest findings on cross-reactivity, the effects of GM foods, and many other topics, and includes pollen calendars from Europe, North America, and around the world.

Table of Contents

Things you should know
Where does the word “allergy” come from and what does it actually mean?
Are allergies an illness of our times?
Can allergies indirectly cause death in non-allergic people?
When were allergies first described?
How to be informed if you’re allergic to pollen
What is a pollen trap?
What can the allergic driver do?
What further help is available?
Why do people who are allergic to tree pollen suffer in January and May?
Pollen and the environment
Pollen allergies and your date of birth
House dust mites and other perennial allergens
What can you do if you’re allergic to house dust mites?
What can you do if you’re allergic to cat and dog hair?
Allergies in the classroom
Allergies and insects
What are allergens?
What happens when an allergen enters your body?
How do you tell whether a substance can cause allergies?
What medical conditions are caused by allergies?
Allergic reactions to medication
Allergic reactions to insect poison
I’m even allergic to the sun
Animal allergens
Plants and your apartment
Who can be affected by allergies?
Why do more and more people suffer from allergies? The latest theories
Allergies and cancer – and something else of interest
Songs against allergies?
What do condoms and bananas have in common? (cross-reactivity)
Allergy to food substances
Why can’t I eat eggs?
Allergic to alcohol?
Hidden allergens
Genetically engineered foods – a danger for atopic persons?
Choosing a doctor
Allergen extracts
What do all the numbers mean?
What are diagnostic and therapeutic extracts?
The skin prick test
The rub test
The scratch test
The intracutaneous test
Limits to skin testing
What other tests can determine allergies? The provocation test
In vitro methods
Avoiding allergens
Hyposensitization – desensitization
Desensitization – what must you look out for?
Tips for allergy sufferers
Preventive measures for the bedroom if you suffer from house dust mite allergy
How to reduce the risk of insect bites
Hyposensitization: Hints for allergy patients
Cross-reactive allergens
The allergenicity of fruits and vegetables

Appendix: Pollen calendars for realists

Professor Allen Kaplan, President of the World Allergy Organization writes:
“Allergy Made Simple, by Rüdiger Wahl, is a unique book which summarizes the most up-to-date information regarding the causes of ‘allergy’ and its prevention and treatment, employing a practical, readable, and thoroughly enjoyable approach.
“It is written primarily for patients who suffer from allergic diseases. However, anyone with an interest in allergic diseases will find material in it that is of interest and informative.
“Dr. Wahl’s contribution is an important addition to the available literature for patients with allergy, and I can recommend it wholeheartedly.”

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