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Bridging the Boundaries

Human Experience in the Natural and Built Environment and Implications for Research, Policy, and Practice

Edited by: Edward Edgerton, Ombretta Romice, Kevin Thwaites

Series: Advances in People-Environment Studies - Volume 5


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Current interdisciplinary research and practice in human-environment interactions

This volume outlines current interdisciplinary research on the reciprocal relationsbetween humans and the built and natural environments. The expert contributorsinvestigate topics such as environmental impact on health and well-being,identity and place attachment, urban sustainability, and challenges linked toglobal or national environmental phenomena. Some chapters reflect on theoreticalcontributions that offer alternative ways of thinking about human-environmentinteractions, while others focus on methodological challenges and innovations.

The quality and interdisciplinary diversity of the chapters make the book a uniquecontribution to understanding present and future human–environment challengesat all scales and in all global contexts. It will be valuable to researchers, practitioners, and policy makers across a range of related disciplines, including psychology, architecture, urban design and planning, education, sociology, human and socialecology, interior design, and geography.

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