Children and Digital Games

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Edited by: Mark Blades, Fran C. Blumberg, Caroline Oates

Series: Zeitschrift für Psychologie - Volume 16

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Examines the positive aspects of digital game play and its impact on children’s and adolescents’ learning, development, and physical activity

Children's and adolescents' exposure to and use of digital media has steadily increased in recent years, in both entertainment and education contexts. The growth of the Internet and the development of interactive media such as computer games have opened up new issues that are as yet only partly understood. Furthermore, existing research has often been about the negative impact of media on young people. However, an activity that engages and motivates, such as game play, is one that can have a positive impact, e.g., by stimulating knowledge and skills acquisition.

This volume investigates the positive aspects of digital game play and its impact on children's and adolescents' learning, development, and physical activity. It contains contributions on the design, the use, and the benefits of digital games and provides a general overview of the appeal and educational ramifications of digital game play for youths.

The topics covered include:

  • children's reasons and motivations for getting involved in game play and how they benefit from such play
  • exergames, designed to encourage physical activity
  • games played by young people with learning difficulties
  • the importance of educational games and how they can benefit children's knowledge and learning
  • a game application designed to help middle school students learn algebra

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