Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs

Edited by: Ric M. Procyshyn, Kalyna Z. Bezchlibnyk-Butler, J. Joel Jeffries

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Fully updated and expanded, in full color with intuitive icons throughout, packed with new and expanded comparison charts, and with patient handouts as printable PDFs – the classic reference to psychotropic medications is now more“user-friendly” than ever!

The Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs has become a standard reference and practical tool for psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, physicians, and all mental health professionals. The new and fully updated 21st edition retains all the practical features for which the Clinical Handbook is renowned:
- Independent, unbiased
- Packed with unique comparison charts (dosages, side effects, pharmacokinetics,interactions…) that allow you to see at a glance which medication is the most suitable for each patient
- Instantly recognizable icons and full color throughout, allowing you to find at a glance all the information you seek
- The latest information on newly released drugs, adverse effects, approved indications
- Succinct, bulleted information on all classes of medication:classification, available products (including US and Canadian trade names), on- and off-label indications (US FDA and Canada); pharmacology, dosing, pharmacokinetics; adverse effects, precautions, contraindications, toxicity; lab tests, precautions in young, old, andpregnant patients, nursing implications; drug interactions; patient instructions… all you need to know for each class of drug!
- The latest information on Herbal and “Natural” Products, Unapproved Treatments, ECT,BLT, rTMS
- Patient handouts as printable PDFs

New in this edition:
• New chapter on pharmacogenomics
• New Section with NbN (Neuroscience-based Nomenclature) classification of psychotropics
• Substantial revisions of chapters on antipsychotics, BLT, rTMS, natural health products
• Comparison chart outlining relative tolerability profiles of antipsychotics
• Chart for laboratory and clinical monitoring of antipsychotics
• Substantially revised comparison charts of agents for treating acute extrapyramidal side effects
• Added new drugs and formulations
• More information on unapproved treatments

From the reviews:

"A user-friendly and practical resource guide to using psychotropic drugs in any setting... The handbook is well organized and covers almost every treatment used in psychiatry, arranged by disease state and class. Each medicine or class of medicine is subjected to a thorough review ofnearly everything one should understand. It is easy to read and/or reference quick information. The comprehensive information on each class of drugs is what makes this book so useful. As a psychiatrist who routinely prescribes medications, I find this handbook invaluable."
Corey Goldstein, MD, Rush University Medical Center, in Doody's Listings and Reviews, 2016

"The new edition of this reference textbook about psychotropic drugs remains as useful as ever, and is essential for any medicines information department.
It is thorough, detailed and extensive, but the information is clear and concise and the book is easy to navigate because of its consistent, methodical and ordered format. The material is tabulated and clearly displayed throughout using colour coding, icons and symbols, making it simple to use.

Caroline Parker, MPharmS, consultant pharmacist, mental health services, at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, in The Pharmaceutical Journal, 2015

“A powerhouse of practical information ... packed with well-researched monographs and comparative tables that are both detailed and succinct. Unrivalled in scope ... For practitioners encountering unfamiliar treatment scenarios, the section on yet-to-be-approved new psychiatric therapies will be particularly useful and is not easily found elsewhere. The sections on switching and augmentation strategies ... provide invaluable guidance. Drugs are fully indexed by generic and brand name and by class. Coloured icons make it easier to locate specific parcels of information. This outstanding and unique handbook is as rich in useful content as many full textbooks.”
Barbara Jovaisas, clinical editor at the Canadian Pharmacists Association and staff pharmacist at the Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, in Canadian Pharmacists Journal

“The best handbook of psychotropics I’ve ever read. Practical, succinct, and better than anything else available. The comparison charts are easy to use and unique to this handbook and help me select the right medication for the patient.”
Carl Anderson, MD, Private Practice, Bronx, NY

“An invaluable quick reference guide for the busy clinician.”
B. E. Leonard in Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental

“Comprehensive… clearly and consistently organized… an ideal resource for rapid and straight-forward retrieval of essential clinical information… a ‘must have’ for those who work in mental health care.”
Marshall Cates, PharmD, in Annals of Pharmacotherapy

“Should be available at all nursing stations.”
C. Lindsay DeVane, PharmD, in American Journal of Health Systems Pharmacy

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