Designing Social Innovation

Planning, Building, Evaluating

Edited by: Bob Martens, Alexander G. Keul

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Based on the best applied research presented at the 18th meeting of the International Association of People-Environment Studies, IAPS18 held in Vienna, this volume concentrates on theories and methods in planning and monitoring, environmental, health and social impact assessment, post-occupancy evaluations (POEs), computer modelling and various simulation tools. It is thus a fascinating and up-to-date review for researchers, professional practitioners, and policy makers.

Table of Contents


I. Special Topic: Eastern Europe
Keynote: Eastern Europe as "New Old Environment"
Wolfgang Petritsch
People-Environment Studies in Slovenia: Past and Prospects
Marko Polic, Ivan Marušic, Drago Kos, & Karel Natek
People-Environment Studies in Poland
Augustyn Banka

II. Environmental Cognition
Lost in the Countryside: Developing a Toolkit to Address Wayfinding Problems
Catharine Ward Thompson, Catherine Findlay, & Katherine Southwell
Sao-Paulo / Paris: The Weight of the Centrality
Gabriel Moser, Eda Tassara, Marie-Line Félonneau, Dorothée Marchand, Cintia Okamura, & Yannick Savina
Architrack - Evaluating Architectural Preferences via Eyetracker
Alexander G. Keul, Florian Hutzler, Gerlinde Frauscher, & Andreas Voigt

III. Environmental Quality
Local People's Motives for Biodiversity Conservation
Maria Johansson
Fractal Dimension as a Tool for Defining and Measuring Naturalness
Caroline M. Hagerhall
Emotional Connection to Nature: Its Socio-Psychological Correlates and Associations with Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behavior
Maaris Raudsepp
Is it a Greek or a Turkish House? A Comparative Morphological Enquiry into the Domestic Spaces of Coexistence in the Island of Cyprus
Ciler Kirsan

IV. Sustainability
Social Representations Theory and Environmental Studies
Michel-Louis Rouquette, Elena Sautkina, Paula Castro, Marie-Line Félonneau & Elisabeth Guillou-Michel
Psychological Predictors in Context: An Empirical Study of Interactions Between Determinants of Car Use Intentions
Rob Wall, Patrick Devine-Wright, & Greig A. Mill
Sewage in the City - Odour Annoyance and Evaluation of Mitigation Measures
Renate Cervinka & Ernst Neudorfer
Exploring Cognitive Representations of Citizens in Areas Affected by the 'Prestige' Disaster
Ricardo García Mira, J. Eulogio Real Deus, David L. Uzzell, Gemma Blanco Martínez, María Dolores Losada
Residential Water Use: A Model of Personal Variables
José Marcos Bustos-Aguayo, Luz María Flores-Herrera, & Patricia Andrade-Palos

V. Simulation
Predicting Experiential Qualities of Architecture by its Spatial Properties
Gerald Franz, Markus von der Heyde, & Heinrich H. Bülthoff
Public Urban Open Spaces and Patterns of Users: Exploring Behavioural Data Using GIS
Barbara Golicnik
Including a Children's Perspective in Urban planning in GIS - Development of a Method
Ulla Berglund & Kerstin Nordin
Simlandscape: A Global Overview of a Scenario Toolbox for the Support of Land Use Planning in Development
Rob de Waard
Action Research with Children in Public Housing: Simulating Courses of Action to Develop Environmental Competence
Sudeshna Chatterjee & Virginia Sullivan

VI. Evaluation
Evaluation, Persuasion, Translation: Examining Points of Contact Between Research and Practice
Guido Francescato
"Changing schools": Pupil and Staff Assessments of Their 'New' Schools
Edward Edgerton, Jim McKechnie, & Karen Dunleavy
Residents' Front/Back Definition of the Spaces around Suburban Houses in Tokyo: A Quantitative Study on the Perception and Use of Outdoor Areas
Ryuzo Ohno & Emiko Kubo
Users' Evaluative Responses to Spatio-Physical Humanization: The Case of Hospital Environments
Ferdinando Fornara
An Integral Tool for the Diagnostic Evaluation of Non-Territorial Offices
Leentje Volker & Theo van der Voordt
Evaluation of Ecologic Environment in Unsafe Work Enivronments: The Role of Work Performance and Social Climate
Teresa Ribeiro
An Evaluation of New Public Space: The Case of Multifunctional Commercial Complexes
Kyriaki Tsoukala & Maria Daniil

VII. Neigborhoods
Community-Generating Neighborhoods
Sidney Brower
Neighbourhood Regeneration - From Integrated Development to Local Capital
Ombretta Romice
Space, Identity and Choice: Exploring the Housing Arrangements of Older People
Peter Kellett, Rose Gilroy, & Sue Jackson

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