Followercentric Approaches to Leadership

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Edited by: Michelle C. Bligh, Jeffrey C. Kohles

Series: Zeitschrift für Psychologie - Volume 14

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New research on followers as fundamental participants in the development, impact, and maintenance of leadership processes

The vast majority of studies of leadership are cross-sectional comparisons of leadership styles and followers’ perceptions of leaders’ styles; however, within the last two decades scholars have begun to study the other side of the proverbial coin, focusing on followers’ styles and the processes of followership.

The followercentric approach to leadership covers questions such as:
• How do followers perceive followership, i.e., construct and enact their roles in relation to leaders?
• What does it mean to be labelled a follower?
• How do individual characteristics and qualities of followers influence the development of leaders?
• What roles do followers’ needs, values, wants, and preferences play in their tolerance or affinity for certain leadership styles?
• What types of leadership help in developing effective followership and what types of followership help in developing effective leadership?

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