Hotspots in Psychology 2018

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Edited by: Michael Bošnjak, Edgar Erdfelder

Series: Zeitschrift für Psychologie - Volume 35

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State-of-the-art reviews of hot topics in psychology 2018

This Hotspots issue showcases some of the vibrant meta-analytic research activity that is underway in psychology, including not only applications of state-of-the-art meta-analytic methods to a steadily increasing number of substantive research fields but also methodological innovations to address challenges of meta-analytic research. It includes a ground-breaking approach for identifying hotspot topics using latent Dirichlet allocation to identify research topics of particular significance over time, a meta-analysis investigating the cross-cultural comparability of a well-established psychometric instrument capturing self-esteem, as well as replications and extensions of previous meta-analyses and a methodological contribution on effect size estimation.

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