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Movies and Mental Illness

Using Films to Understand Psychopathology

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This popular and critically acclaimed text, using movies to help learn about mentalillness, has been fully updated with DSM-5 and ICD-10 diagnoses, dozens ofevocative and informative frame grabs, a full film index, “Authors’ Picks,” samplesyllabus, more international films and shorts…..

Films can be a powerful aid to learning about mental illness and psychopathology– for students of psychology, psychiatry, social work, medicine, nursing, counselling,literature or media studies, and for anyone interested in mental health. Movies andMental Illness, written by experienced clinicians and teachers who are themselvesmovie aficionados, has established a great reputation as a uniquely enjoyable andhighly memorable text for learning about psychopathology. The new edition hasbeen fully updated to include DSM-5 and ICD-10 diagnoses.

The core clinical chapters each use a fabricated case history and Mini-MentalState Examination along with synopses and discussions about specific movies toexplain, teach, and encourage discussion about all the most important mentalhealth disorders.

Each chapter also includes: Critical Thinking Questions; “Authors’ Picks” (Top 10Films); What To Read if You Only Have Time to Read One Book or Article; and Topicsfor Group Discussions.

Other features of the new, expanded edition include:
• Full index of films
• Sample course syllabus
• Ratings of around 1,500 films
• Fascinating appendices, such as “Top 50 Heroes and Villains,” psychotherapistsin movies, misconceptions about mental illness in movies, and recommendedwebsites, plus listings of the PRISM Awards for Feature Films and the SAMHSAVoice Awards.

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