Personality Poker - English

Personality Poker is an interactive and thought provoking card game.

1st edition, 2004

by Sabine Hugentobler, Bernhard Oettli, Doris Ruckstuhl

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Personality poker can be used by managers, presenters, trainers, adult educators, consultants and human resource professionals. As people show different behaviours depending on context or their different functions feedback may differ according to the group playing.

The purpose of this test is to promote personal and team growth by gaining a broadened perspective on how we see ourselves and how we are perceived by work colleagues. Personality Poker can be utilized in management teams, project groups, company departments, in-house training groups and training courses. lt is ideal for testing out individual strengths, clarifying individual possibilities for growth, helping individuals understand how they impact on others, promoting understanding among team members, encouraging a feedback culture This is a straightforward yet subtly provoking card game; a practical and entertaining learning method. The game consists of a pack of 228 cards each with a personality adjective written upon it, evaluation sheets for post-game feedback and a manual which provides full instructions and guiding principles for both players and facilitators.

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Available since 2004.

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