Placebo Effects

Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Applications

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Edited by: Regine Klinger, Luana Colloca

Series: Zeitschrift für Psychologie - Volume 21

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The placebo effect is probably the most striking and well known demonstration of the interaction between psychological and somatic factors. This compendium by leading experts presents the latest findings on this complex psychobiological process. It provides insights into the underlying mechanisms and the neurobiological foundation of the placebo effect and shows how we can now develop principles for clinical application.

The expert contributions look at various models and facets of the placebo phenomenon, including:

  • Placebo effects on physical performance and their manipulation via verbal suggestions
  • Antidepressant placebo effects
  • Effects of patient involvement in treatment decision-making on placebo effects
  • Minimizing carry-over effects after treatment failure by changing the route of application
  • An instrument to assess both specific attitudes towards pain medication and experiences with pain medication
  • The transfer of the placebo analgesic effect to anti-itching medication

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