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Sexual Dysfunction in Men

by David Rowland

Series: Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice - Volume 26

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"By far the best professional book ever published about understanding, assessing, and treating male sexual dysfunction."

Sexual dysfunctions in men, such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders, and low sexual desire, are typically sources of significant distress for men. This book, being published with the companion volume Sexual Dysfunction in Women provides general therapists with practical, yet succinct evidence-based guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of the most common male sexual disorders encountered in clinical practice. It assumes that mental health professionals and other clinicians without expertise in the field of sex therapy have much to offer these men by combining a multidisciplinary understanding of issues surrounding sexual problems with their general clinical knowledge and expertise. With tables and marginal notes to assist orientation, the book is designed for quick and easy reference while at the same time providing more in-depth understanding for those desiring it. The book can serve as a go-to guide for professional clinicians in their daily work and is an ideal educational resource for students and for practice-oriented continuing education.

From the reviews:

“An easily digestible 100-page manual … on how to effectively diagnose and treat the most common causes of male sexual dysfunction.“A notable advantage of the book is the thorough overview of each disorder … Later in the book, each of the four most common disorders [low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, and delayed and inhibited ejaculation] is explored and discussed in greater detail, with a focus on diagnosis, comorbidities, and current best treatment.“Sexual Dysfunction in Men is written in a clear and concise manner that engages the reader regardless of level of expertise in the field. Rowland strikes a delicate balance by making the book easy for the layperson to understand and directly clinically applicable for the seasoned mental health professional. Clinicians with limited exposure to male sexual dysfunction will find this book particularly useful both as a clinical guide and as a reference resource.”
Ivan Kiryluk Putziger and Anita H. Clayton in PsycCRITIQUES, vol. 57, 2012, No. 47

"[A] convenient overview on the management of male sexual problems [...] The book successfully sheds light on the importance of holistic management as opposed to simply prescribing pills for ‘better sex’."
Debby Hiu-Ha Lam, Department of Psychiatry, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Hong Kong SAR, China, in East Asian Arch Psychiatry, Vol. 22, 2012

"This textbook, clearly and exhaustively written, (is) intended for most practitioners, including urologistsand sex therapists. Readers will obtain accurate information, which is very useful in daily practise."
Prof. Paul Maria, Section Editor, in European Urology Today, 2012

"[...] a welcome and recommended resource for all clinicians working with men who may have a sexual problem. [...] a concise and highly readable clinical guide ... designed to help specialists and non-specialist practitioners [...]. Sexual Dysfunction in Men [and] the companion guide Sexual Dysfunction in Women in the series Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice offer empirically based and practically useful information for clinicians and students alike."
Dr. Pamela Mc Cann in Beratung Aktuell, 3/2012

Praise for the book:

"Simply put, this is by far the best professional book ever published about understanding, assessing, andtreating male sexual dysfunction. David Rowland examines the biopsychosocial model of sexual functionand dysfunction and applies a multi-dimensional, complex approach to understanding and changing malesexual dysfunction. This book makes a major contribution to the field and should be on the bookshelfof every psychologist, physician, and couple therapist treating men individually or in couple therapy."
Barry McCarthy, Professor of Psychology, American University, Washington DC; certified marriage andsex therapist; coauthor of Men’s Sexual Health and Sexual Awareness, (5th ed.)

"David Rowland’s text is an important addition to the literature and belongs in every therapist’s library.It is especially valuable because it is designed to help the generalist deal with sexual problems and iswritten clearly with a practical emphasis."
Robert Taylor Segraves, MD, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry emeritus, Case Western Reserve University,Cleveland, OH; Editor of Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy

"Written for both professionals and the general population, David Rowland’s work provides a comprehensive, scholarly review of men’s sexual problems and up-to-date treatments. He concisely examines physiological and psychological causes and provides the theoretical underpinnings necessary for accurate diagnosis and treatment. This compact volume is a valuable source of useful information succinctly covering an all-too-often ignored area of human function and interaction."
Diane Morrissette, PhD, Psychotherapist specializing in sex and relationship counseling, Palo Alto, CA

"The interdisciplinary expertise of Dr. David Rowland makes this comprehensive book on sexual dysfunction in men an essential read for any professional. The excellent descriptions of assessment and treatment will prove enlightening to medical health providers as well as anyone in the mental health field. The inclusion of the empirical evidence of varying treatments will help clinicians focus on the most efficacious approach. Sex Dysfunction in Men is a welcomed addition to evidence-based practice."
Lin Myers, Professor of Psychology, California State University, Stanislaus, researcher, educator, clinician in the field of sexology for over 25 years, full member of the International Academy of Sex Research,and a member of SSTAR, and ASSECT.

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