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Sexual Violence

by William R. Holcomb

Series: Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice - Volume 17

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Authoritative, evidence-based guidance on treating sexually coercive and violent men.

This book presents both a compact summary of the voluminous research on sexual violence and a practical, evidence-based "how-to" treatment guide for mental health practitioners working in clinics and institutions that treat men who are sexually coercive and violent toward others.

Those needing intervention may be college students, individuals seeking outpatient help, family batterers, or those who sexually abuse women and children. They may have been arrested for sex crimes or be incarcerated or on probation in sex offender treatment program, though most will never have been arrested. This clearly written and well-structured resource will help clinicians deal with all.

The book first reviews research on the prevalence of sexually abusive behavior, along with diagnostic issues, assessment strategies, and risk assessment approaches, and then presents current integrated theories on the causes of sexually violent behavior.

The primary focus, however, is the specific emotional and behavioral targets of treatment and the therapist skills and strategies that are effective in reducing sexual victimization. Cultural factors that influence treatment are identified and effective prevention programs for sexual violence are also described and evaluated.

From the Reviews

"This installment in the Advances in Psychotherapy series provides the latest assessment and treatment advances for violent sexual offenders. The author brings over 30 years of practical clinical experience to this comprehensive and enlightening work. [...] The author has brilliantly succeeded in creating a worthwhile addition to the field. [...] The author presents a well-balanced and comprehensive discussion of sexual disorders. The author's expertise and the applicability of the information are impressive. The latest diagnostic and treatment considerations are appropriately outlined. Readers will especially appreciate the four case vignettes at the end of the book as well as the selected reading suggestions."
Nicholas Greco IV, MS, BCETS, CATSM (Abbott Laboratories), 2010

"The Advances in Psychotherapy series is intended to provide "how-to" guides for practicing clinicians that are both evidence based and "user friendly." Sexual Violence succeeds at doing both. … The book kindled my wish to view other books in the series, both to educate myself and to use as a teaching tool.
Sexual Violence is a thorough review of the empirical and clinical data on violent sexual abusers….The empirical data are specific to perpetrators of sexual violence, but much of the clinical advice would be a good guideline for most disorders seen in clinical practice….Sexual Violence provides suggestions about therapeutic approaches without becoming pedantic or prescriptive….[It] serves to humanize the violent sexual offender and to demonstrate that treatment is possible. This is a book that is a fine resource."
Jaine L. Darwin in PsycCRITIQUES, Vol. 55, No. 42, 2010

"Dr. Holcomb's book is a straight-forward, objective summary of the state-of-the-art of assessment and treatment of sexually violent sexual offenders, with easy-to-understand guidelines on how to proceed with assessment and treatment. Guidelines are provided for each step and targets for treatment are clearly identified. The book also highlights controversial issues that need further research. I would recommend this book for all clinicians working with sex offenders for either assessment purposes or for treatment purposes. It provides the clinician with an easily understandable model to follow and provides guidelines for successful treatment during the various stages of change."
Jerry A. Kasdorf, PhD, Chief Psychologist, Coalinga State Hospital, Coalinga, CA

"In this book, Dr. Holcomb combines 35 years of practical experience with a comprehensive review of the literature to provide clinicians with a practical guide to understanding, diagnosing, and treating conditions that lead to the perpetration of sexual violence. Although targeted to professional clinicians working in the field, Dr. Holcomb's clear writing style and thoughtful summary of a complex literature makes this work accessible to others as well. It also offers information on the prevalence of sexual violence, explores myths about sexual violence, and addresses head-on the sometimes hidden issue of sexual coercion as sexual violence. This informative book will be a valuable resource for seasoned clinicians and beginning students alike."
Richard N. Gowdy, PhD, Director of Forensic Services, Missouri Department of Mental Health, Jefferson City, MO

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