Using Tools: From Movements to Environmental Effects

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Edited by: Christina Massen, Martina Rieger

Series: Zeitschrift für Psychologie - Volume 11

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Among the most complex and fascinating abilities of humans is their skill in manufacturing and using various kinds of tools, which involves a multitude of cognitive, behavioral, and biomechanical aspects. Tool use is characterized by enormous complexity, as the movements of the acting individual depend not only on the environmental goal at which the movement is directed, but also on the tool and its properties. The relationship between the movements of the effector operating the tool (usually the hand) and the associated movements of the tool can be extremely complex, which has implications for the acquisition and refinement of tool use skills and strategies. This compilation is designed to provide a useful overview of current research developments in the field of human tool use, demonstrate the large variety of methods employed to approach the diverse research questions in the field, and stimulate further research in this area.

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